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PO Box 453, Apalachicola
(850) 653-5857
Dr. Lois E. Swoboda
If you are interested in obtaining professional, dependable and reasonable pest control service I can provide you with competitive rates and superior service. I am Dr. Lois E. Swoboda, the owner/manager of Aloha Bugs Pest Management and I personally oversee every operation. Please consider my qualifications below.

Education and Experience:
I have a PhD in Urban Entomology and am familiar with modern pest control techniques and I use these methods in creative ways. Exterior perimeter sprays are the basis of my treatment plan. I generally will only enter a structure in response to a specific complaint. I attempt to limit pesticide exposure wherever possible.

I can provide services ranging from "green" low toxicity mitigation to more traditional techniques and I can tailor you treatments to meet specific medical or environmental needs.

I teach occasional classes in my degree field. I frequently attend seminars which deal with the subject matter of Urban Entomology.

I am licensed by the State of Florida. I have been operating for nearly three years.

It has been my experience that being a woman, a homeowner feels more secure about allowing my entry into their home.

I am the only licensed pest control company based in Franklin County.

Response Time to Complaints: 24/7
No later than 24 hours (in most situations) including week-ends and holidays.

Forensic Consultation
I also have experience acting as a forensic consultant on matters involving wood damage and wood destroying organisms and testifying as an expert witness.

References available upon request.
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